AOL mail: Reset AOL password in iPhone (IOS)

AOL mail is a free and safe web-based email platform that is a division of Verizon wireless communications. This service is referred to as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). It gives users a personalized mail experience to connect with friends and family. AOL mail is different from AOL’s old program because it doesn’t require any special software, and it is completely free to everyone. AOL mail runs over the internet standard web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etcetera.

Steps: Reset AOL password in IOS

Follow these simple steps to reset/ change your AOL password on iPhone:

1. Open AOL mail and select the menu button
2. To reset password, click on “forgot password” option
3. AOL team will send a verification code in your recovery mailbox
4. Click on the link and enter the code
5. Follow the instructions and choose a new password
6. Press “continue”

Congratulations, you have successfully reset the password.

Steps: Change AOL password in a web browser

Always keep a track of AOL mail account, and if you suspect your account has been hacked, then it’s necessary to change the password to something stronger and more difficult to decrypt. These are the few steps you can follow to change AOL password in a web browser:

1. Tap on the name(upper-right corner)
2. Open “account information”
2. Go to the left panel and tap on the “Account security”
3. Tap on the “how to sign in” option , and select the “change password”
4. Enter a “new password” and confirm it
5. Click “Continue” and proceed
6. Finally, the password has been changed

Tips: Choose a strong password

It is very hard to crack long passwords but it is also difficult to remember them too. Here are a few tips that might help you choose a simple and strong password:

* Use alphabets, numbers, special characters, and symbols in your password
* Use a small sentence without spaces between the words
* Use more than 2 special characters in your password
* Keep it simple, and don’t disclose your password to anyone
* Make sure to change your password every after 6 months or one year


We have discussed, how to change the AOL password and make your account more secure. But even after choosing a strong password, people can still try to hack your account. So, it is better to add two-step verification, run the anti-virus software on regular basis, and please be aware of the surroundings when you open your AOL mail publicly. Please contact to AOL customer service team if you find anything suspicious in your account.